Have you been wondering what some of your old classmates have been up to?  In this area we will share "Big Interviews" with some of the folks in our class.  If you would like to find out about someone in particular, please send us a message through the "Contact Us" link in the menu on the left of the screen,and we will see if we can get in touch with them!
April 13, 2019

The Big Interview - Benny Cartee!

As a part of the buildup for the upcoming 40th Anniversary of the graduation of the Class of 1979 the reunion committee has chosen to find out about our classmates.
Today’s featured classmate is Benny Cartee. It was Benny’s idea for this so he had to be first.  Here are Benny’s answers to our questions. 
  1. Where do you live now and where all have you lived since high school?
I currently live in Easley. After school I moved around in Greenville and finally moved back to Easley on Smithfields golf course until I married Kathy. We built our house in 1994 in the Georgetown community. We have 8 acres with much grass to cut. We are surrounded everyday with Deer, Coyotes and Turkeys in our yard. I had opportunities to move in my field of work but chose to stay close to family.
  1.  What is your marital status and do you have children and/or grandchildren?
I married Kathy Spivey in 1989. No children
  1. What has been your line of work?
Thought I would follow Dad in the Machine Shop but ended up in Sales with Dixie Tool, Coca Cola and eventually landed with Budweiser of Greenville in 1985. I started out as a Driver Salesman on the truck for 6 years, then Territory Manager, Director of Key Accounts over all retail chain stores, moved to Space Planning drawing retail sets and currently in the office over all Pricing.
  1. What is your best memory from high school?
Playing BUCK BUCK during the lunch period. You line up about 10 guys nose to tail, wrapping your arms around the guy’s waist in front of you and put your head down. The lead guy wraps his arms around a tree. The opposing team lines up one by one and Shouts “ Buck Buck number 1 coming!” then he leaps over the back player on the other team to the top of the pile. All 10 players keep piling on until either the line breaks or the team holds. We beat every upper and lower class. I think the idea came from Fat Albert. I remember multiple injuries and being totally dirty but it was a blast to play. (The reunion planning committee recently met at the location for the event and have identified an appropriate Buck Buck pole for any folks ready to give it a go forty years later.)
  1. What all were you involved in during high school?
Sports- Football, Basketball and Baseball. I thought I would go to college for Baseball but GOD had a better plan for me. I also enjoyed the Interact Club. I dated all thru High School and did not have that much extra time. I also enjoyed delivering food/clothing boxes to the needy families
  1. Who was your favorite or most influential teacher at PHS?
I seem to remember enjoying Ms. Brockington’s Trig / College Prep Classes. They were mixed with other grades, I usually had older classmates. Charlie Anthony and Jeff Underhill used to get me to call Ms. Brockington to my desk so they could make gestures behind her back. We had fun, but I did learn in her class.
  1. If you were to be transported back to high school days what would you do differently?
Study, workout, go to as many school events and private events as possible. I would not have a steady girlfriend.
  1. Have you been to any of the reunions before?
Yes, I enjoy every chance we get together.
  1.  What are your hobbies or what do in your little spare time?
I played travel Softball for years and that is also how I landed my job with Budweiser. Played Golf, Fished, took up Guitar 4 years ago and now learning Keyboard Piano. I sing in the church and love music. I teach youth Sunday School. We have a 5th wheel camper and enjoy our trips to Destin Florida, NC, Georgia and multiple places in SC. I also restored a 1978 Jeep CJ7 now that I can afford one.
  1. Who would you most like to see again at the reunion?
Lester Purry, Frank Morgan, Alfonso McKinney, Dean Thames and Wyatt Hampton.
Thanks Benny for getting us started!
Remember to register and RSVP on the website and get your tickets early to catch up with all our old friends. If you see names that are missing from the list please contact them and make sure they don’t miss the fun. If you get an email with these or similar questions please answer and return. The more we know about each other now the more enjoyable a reunion it will be.


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